Onsemi Acquires SWIR Vision Systems, Expands Smart Sensing Reach

Onsemi Acquires SWIR Vision Systems.jpgJuly 4, 2024 — Onsemi, a global leader in semiconductor supply, today announced the successful completion of its strategic acquisition of SWIR Vision Systems®, a leading supplier of Colloidal Quantum Dot (CQD®) Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) technology, which significantly expands the detectable spectrum of light, offering new possibilities for seeing through objects and capturing images that were previously unobservable.


Technological Innovation and Market Prospects

This acquisition marks a further expansion of Onsemi in the field of smart sensing and heralds a significant breakthrough in imaging technology. With the integration of SWIR Vision Systems' CQD® SWIR technology, Onsemi will offer advanced imaging systems that are not only more compact and cost-effective but also have a wider spectral range. This is expected to revolutionize various industrial fields, including autonomous vehicle imaging, surveillance systems, silicon detection, machine vision imaging, and food inspection.


Industry Applications and Technological Advantages

The addition of SWIR technology enriches Onsemi's smart sensing product portfolio, especially in the field of autonomous driving, where the wider spectral range greatly enhances visibility under extreme weather conditions, such as darkness, fog, or winter glare. Moreover, SWIR sensors can see through high-density materials, gases, fabrics, and plastics, which is crucial in industrial applications such as surveillance, silicon detection, machine vision imaging, and food inspection.


Team Integration and Operational Continuity

Following the acquisition, SWIR Vision Systems has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Onsemi, with its team of skilled technologists integrated into Onsemi's smart sensing business group, continuing operations in North Carolina. This integration is not only a technological fusion but also an optimization of talent and resources, expected to bring long-term competitive advantages to Onsemi.


Financial Outlook and Future Development

The acquisition is not expected to have a significant impact on Onsemi's financial outlook in the near to medium term, demonstrating the company's positive expectations for this acquisition and confidence in future development. Onsemi will continue to drive the development of smart sensing technology with its innovative products, providing more efficient and intelligent solutions for global customers.


About Onsemi

Onsemi (Onsemi, NASDAQ stock code: ON) is a global semiconductor company focused on providing a highly differentiated portfolio of innovative products, including smart power and smart sensing technologies. The company is committed to disruptive innovation, accelerating the transformation in areas such as automotive functional electrification, automotive safety, sustainable power grids, industrial automation, and 5G and cloud infrastructure. With its innovative technologies and products, Onsemi is dedicated to solving the world's most complex challenges, contributing to a safer, cleaner, and smarter world.


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