Latest news of July's First Week: Electronic Tech Pulse


With the relentless advancement of technology and the ongoing evolution of the market, the electronic information industry has brought us a series of remarkable developments last week. From policy adjustments to technological innovations, from market expansion to corporate cooperation, every event is shaping the future of the industry. This article will comb through the latest developments in the field of electronic information last week and take you on a journey to explore the details.


Latest news of July's First Week.jpgPolicy Overview: New Trends from a Global Perspective

● EU Imposes Tariffs on Imported Electric Vehicles from China

On July 5, the European Commission announced that it would impose provisional counter-subsidy tariffs on electric vehicles imported from China, which may affect related trade and last up to four months.

● United States Launches the "Workforce Partner Alliance" Program

The U.S. government has launched the "Workforce Partner Alliance" program to address the shortage of labor in the domestic semiconductor industry. The program plans to use part of the $5 billion federal funds reserved for the new National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC) to support up to 10 workforce development projects.

● China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Promotes the Standardization of Brain-Computer Interface

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has publicized the establishment plan of the Brain-Computer Interface Standardization Technical Committee, marking the acceleration of China's standardization work in the field of brain-computer interfaces.


Market Dynamics: Deep Integration of Intelligence and Digitization

1. Steady Increase in the Penetration Rate of Intelligent Cockpits

According to the latest report from Canalys, the penetration rate of intelligent cockpits in the Chinese market has been steadily increasing since 2022 and is expected to reach 80% by 2025.

2. Broad Prospects for eSIM/iSIM Technology

Counterpoint estimates that by 2030, eSIM/iSIM technology will account for 70% of the market share, showing the strong growth momentum of mobile communication technology.

3. Surge in NVIDIA's AI Chip Sales in China

SemiAnalysis reports estimate that this year, NVIDIA's sales of AI chips in China will reach $12 billion, demonstrating the strong demand of the Chinese market for high-performance computing chips.


Upstream Manufacturer Dynamics: Drivers of Technological InnovationLatest news of July's First Week1.jpg

● Strategic Cooperation between Suyuan Technology and Qingcheng Jizhi

Suyuan Technology and Qingcheng Jizhi have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly develop high-performance system software solutions to support the application of super-large-scale models and clusters with more than a trillion parameters.

● Qualcomm's Registered Capital Reduction

Qualcomm (China) Holding Limited Company has reduced its registered capital from $508 million to about $483 million, attracting market attention.

● Restructuring of Samsung Electronics' DS Division and Launch of Innovative Chip

Samsung Electronics has restructured its DS division, newly establishing an HBM research and development group, focusing on the development of the next generation of HBM technology. At the same time, Samsung launched its first 3nm chip, the Exynos W1000, a wearable device chip made with Samsung's most advanced manufacturing process, which is expected to be used in the Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra watches.

● Expansion in the Field of Intelligent Sensing by Onsemi

Onsemi has completed the acquisition of SWIR Vision System, enhancing its intelligent sensing product portfolio, indicating a major breakthrough in imaging technology. Onsemi will provide advanced imaging systems that are not only more compact and cost-effective but also have a wider spectral range.


Application Dynamics: Microcosm of Intelligent Life

● Porsche (China) Recalls Taycan Series Electric Vehicles: Due to design issues, Porsche (China) announced the recall of some Taycan series electric vehicles to address potential cracks in the front brake hose.

● Sensetime Launches the New 5.5 Model System: The new 5.5 model system contains 600 billion parameter library models, improves performance by 30%, and leads the new trend of multi-mode interaction.

● Foxconn Invests in Smart Product Projects in Vietnam: Foxconn has obtained investment approval to invest in two projects in Quang Ninh province, a coastal province in northern Vietnam, with an expected completion in 2025, to produce smart entertainment products and smart system equipment.


Conclusion: Looking Forward to the Future, Embracing Change

The electronic information industry of the first week of July has shown us a new era full of change and opportunities with its innovation and vitality. With the continuous advancement of technology and the sustained development of the market, we have reason to believe that the electronic information industry will move towards a more brilliant future.


IC Recommended Models

● NE5532P is a high-performance dual operational amplifier known for its excellent DC and AC characteristics. The ic features very low noise, high output drive capability, high gain bandwidth and maximum output swing, low distortion, high slope, input protection diode and output short-circuit protection. Suitable for a variety of precision signal processing applications, including audio amplification, instrument amplification, and filter design.

● Texas Instruments SN74LS08 is an integrated circuit consisting of four independent 2-input Positive-AND Gates. This kind of equipment is widely used in digital circuit design to realize various logic functions and control logic.

● The LM324N is a low-power quad-operational amplifier integrated circuit manufactured by TI. These operational amplifiers are widely used for their high gain, internal frequency compensation, and wide range of power supply voltages. The LM324N can operate in single or dual supply configurations, supporting supply voltages from 3V to 32V, or ±1.5V to ±16V.

● The 2N3055 is a bipolar power transistor manufactured by STMicroelectronics using epitaxial base plane technology. Take advantage of its low saturation voltage and good linearity to deliver high-quality audio output for audio, power linearity and switching applications.



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